LIVE webinar for individuals passionate about living their healthiest life!  

5 Ways to Live Your Healthiest Yet Life Yet with host Dr. Sasha Noe! 


Dr. Sasha Noe, DO, PhD, is a dual doctorate, board-certified award-winning family physician who's also a researcher, best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, and an expert in preventative medicine, chronic disease management, cannabinoid research and medical cannabis.

 With the belief that patient education is key in the maintenance of health and in the prevention of illness, Dr. Noe counsels individuals on achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle for their mind, body, and spirit.  


It’s happening Thursday (August 10th) at...

  • 4pm Pacific
  • 5pm Mountain
  • 6pm Central
  • 7pm Eastern



During this LIVE Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to turn your desires into reality without sacrificing your life, sanity, health, relationships or family as you do it. How to eliminate worry about your health, lessen your stress levels, and turn your lifestyle around.  
  • The best (and quickest) tactics to gain overall health and wellness where you are in control of how you feel and how you gain the health you desire.  
  • 5 key strategies to maximizing the resources (in TIME AND MONEY) that you spend on achieving your best health -- while achieving your optimal overall wellbeing in work or in life.  
  • How to establish a solid doctor patient relationship with a highly qualified physician who personally walks you through to achieving health and wellbeing -- the attributes you no longer find in medicine.  
  • And most importantly, how to live a happier life filled with freedom, fun, family, and friends.

Dr. Sasha Noe

Dr. Noe envisions a world where fun loving, hard working individuals are frolicking with their friends & families, and living their healthiest lives on purpose every single day.

 She helps individuals maximize their health with a personalized approach that helps you to create a lifestyle that aligns with the state of your heart.

LIVE Webinar with host Dr. Sasha

Join the LIVE 5 Ways to Live Your Healthiest Life Yet Webinar Thursday, August 10th! We'll bridge the gap between who you are and who you yearn to be!

Dr. Sasha Noe